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Privacy policy

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1. Why this privacy declaration?

attaches great value to the protection of your privacy and personal data. We will only use your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Act and other relevant legal requirements in effect. Any reference in this Privacy Declaration to the Privacy Act entails a reference to the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data. Any reference to the Regulation is a reference to the Regulation of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

With this Privacy Declaration, wishes to inform you of possible processing operations with regard to these data and your rights. By making use of our website, you explicitly grant your permission for possible processing operations by

It is possible that this Privacy Declaration will be subject to modifications and changes in the future. It is up to you to consult this document on a regular basis. Any substantial change will always be communicated clearly on the website of

2. Who processes the personal data?

The website is an initiative of:


3. What personal data is processed?

shall undertake only to process the data that is relevant and necessary in this regard for the purposes for which they were collected. The following categories of personal data can be processed by :

  • Identification data
  • Financial data
  • Personal data
  • Physical characteristics
  • Lifestyle
  • Psychological data
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Memberships
  • Judicial data
  • Consumption habits
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Profession & employment
  • National identification number & social security number
  • Racial & ethnical data
  • Data on sexual behavior
  • Political opinions
  • Philosophical & religious beliefs
  • Image recordings
  • Sound recordings

4. For what purposes will my personal data be used?

collects personal data to provide you with safe, optimal and personal user experience. The collection of personal data becomes more extensive as you use the website and our online services more intensively.

Data processing is essential for the functioning of the website and the associated services. The processing is only done for the following defined purposes:

  • Access to your user profile
  • Providing and improving general or personalised services; including invoicing purposes, providing information, newsletters and offers that are useful and/or necessary for you, obtaining and processing user assessments, and providing support.
  • Providing and improving the products supplied; personalised and specific products based on the information and data provided.
  • The detection of and protection against fraud, errors and/or criminal behaviour.
  • Marketing purposes

In a visit to the website of , data are only collected for statistical purposes. Such data are necessary to optimise the use of our website. These data include: IP address, expected place of consultation, date and time of consultation, what pages were visited. When you visit the website of , you declare that you agree to this data collection intended for statistical purposes as described above.

The User always provides the personal data themself to and in this way can exercise some control over this. If certain data are incomplete or apparently incorrect, reserves the right to defer certain expected operations temporarily or permanently.

The personal data are only processed for internal use at .

We can therefore ensure you that personal data will not be sold, forwarded or shares to third parties that are affiliated with us. has taken all the possible legal and technical precautions to prevent improper access or use.

5. We also use cookies!

During a visit to our website, 'cookies' can be placed on your hard drive to attune the website to the needs of returning visitors better. Non-functional cookies help us to optimise your visit to the website and to remember technical choices.

For a further explanation of how we use cookies to collect and process your personal data, please refer to our Cookie Declaration.

If you want to consult the website of , is it recommended that you have cookies enabled. On the other hand, our Cookie Declaration also explains how to disable cookies.

6. What are my rights?

6.1 Guarantee of legal and secure processing of the personal data:

will always process your personal data fairly and lawfully. This involves the following guarantees:

  • Personal data are only processed according to the described and justified purposes of this Privacy Declaration.
  • Personal data are only processed insofar as this is adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • Personal data will only be retained as long as this is necessary for the realisation of the purposes described and justified in this Privacy Declaration.

The necessary technical and security measures were taken to reduce the risks of unlawful access to or processing of the personal data to a minimum. In case of a breach of its information technology systems, will immediately take all possible measures to limit damage to a minimum.

6.2 Right to perusal/correction/deletion of your personal data

Upon proving your identity as User, you have a right to obtain an definite answer from about whether or not your personal data is processed. When processes your data, you further have the right to peruse the personal data collected. If you wish to exercise your right of perusal, shall act upon this within one (1) month after receiving the request. The request is made via registered mail or via an email to

Inaccurate or incomplete personal data can always be improved. It is primarily up to the User to modify inaccurate or incomplete data. You can exercise your right to improve data by issuing an additional declaration to . shall act upon this within one (1) month after receiving the additional declaration.

Furthermore, you have the right to have us delete your personal data without unreasonable delay. You can only exercise this right to be forgotten in the following cases:

  • When the personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were originally collected;
  • When the personal data were collected based on the permission obtained and there is no other legal basis for the processing;
  • If an objection is made against the processing and there are no prevailing imperative legal grounds for the processing;
  • If the personal data were processed unlawfully;
  • When the personal data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation.

assesses the presence of one of the aforementioned cases.

6.3 Right to limitation of/objection against the processing of your personal data

User has the right to obtain a limitation of the processing of your personal data:

  • During the period that needs to verify the correctness of the personal data, in case of dispute;
  • When the data processing is unlawful and User requests a limitation of the processing instead of deleting the personal data;
  • When no longer needs the personal data of the User for the processing purposes and User needs the personal data in relation to a legal claim;
  • During the period that needs to assess the presence of the grounds for deleting personal data.

Furthermore, user is always entitled to make an objection against the processing of their personal data. will then halt the processing of your personal data unless can present imperative, justified grounds for the processing of your personal data that weigh more heavily than the right of the User to object.

If User wishes to exercise these rights, will act upon this within one (1) month after receiving the request. The request is made via registered mail or via an email to .

6.4 Right to data transferability

User has the right to obtain the personal data provided to in a structured, common and machine-readable format. In addition, User has the right to transfer this personal data to another processor when the processing of the personal data exclusively relies on the permission obtained from the User.

If User wishes to exercise this right, will act upon this within one (1) month after receiving the request. The request is made via registered mail or via an email to .

6.5 Right to withdraw my permission/right to submit a complaint

User is always entitled to withdraw their permission. The withdrawal of the permission does not affect the legality of the processing based on the permission before the permission was withdrawn. In addition, User has the right to submit a complaint regarding the processing of their personal data by to the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Personal Privacy.

If User wishes to exercise this right, will act upon this within one (1) month after receiving the request. The request is made via registered mail or by email to .

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